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Extraordinary Face Painting -
Without a doubt, you have never seen this level of face art. Watch the amazement of your party guests when they look in the mirror. This in itself becomes entertainment! (Twinkie travels the country teaching working professionals the art of face painting and special effects at conventions, trade shows, seminars & clubs. For all ages and occasions
Face Painting

Holidays - Twinkie has many characters available to suit your theme & event. Her customized performances never fail to amuse or liven up the party. Age appropriate humor & antics skillfully crafted and customized.

World Clown Association Far West Director since 2002, Clowns of America Ambassador & writer for industry publications.

Magic -
COMEDY magic is the style! So if you are looking for fleets of doves escaping from sleeves, keep looking! Twinkie's mantra is "If the trick works it IS MAGIC!"
Games -
Games are one of her trademarks, always unique & fun, especially for corporate picnics and parties! Have your cameras ready; these are ALWAYS Kodak moments ! Whether indoors or out, they help the group loosen up and kids play with the adults for wild situations.
Game and Fun
Balloons -
All Kinds of fun, giant, balloons toys & sculptures, wands, flowers, spiderman, ray guns & tickle swords. (No Teddy Bears on the Eiffel Tower though.)
Puppets - ventriloquist Puppets -
Twinkie has a whole collection of puppet friends! Her style of puppetry is more in the ventriloquist style of one-on-one with snappy banter and always a subsequent lesson: never debate with the puppet!
Stories -
A longtime Passport Member of the National Speakers Association, her stories are expertly crafted and entertaining with props and dramatics, not just for the very young either. Ever wonder what life was really like with Drac? Just ask Mrs. Dracula for her story! Allow ample lead time for custom performances!
Mrs Count Dracula - Stories
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